Greetings to all dear site readers,

Let me make the introductory part by this short message for better understanding of so called “Crop Circles” (or energetic seals) and Art-work formations as the generalized math-alchemical interpretation of them. The purpose of these Art-works is to decode of Crop Circles on a base of simple math calculations, math analysis and modeling of the general cross-forming elements of the world symbolic. It is also possible to use these Art-works (or Alchemical-Arts) for meditation practice and visualization of future worlds and universes, developing the personal intellectual and creative abilities, enjoying the beauty of the math harmony and perfection of the geometric proportions. Also the essence of these scientific and creative works is to show how to substantiate the fundamental principles of the creation of the future Being and to model its 2-dimensional structure by the using of the basic sacred elements and artifacts of ancient cultures and modern spiritual movements.

As concerning the essence’s determination of the Crop Circles as energy seals, let's start with the definition of them. As it should be apparent to many, the definition of "Crop Circles" has conditional character, because these formations are present everywhere around us, in visible and invisible formats. They are presented not only in the fields or on the crops, but also on the snow, on the sand or sandy beaches, on the ice, on forests, even under water, on the sky (on the clouds), on people (on the skin as an inexplicable manifested tattoos) and also in the village gardens as well. Therefore we can call these energy seals or activation codes in different ways that does not change their essence and the purpose.

I recommend for all interested people to follow the Crop Circles on this web-site In my opinion the СropСircleСenter site (with a number of other online sources and searching engines regarding the monitoring of Crop Circle’s appearances) is very comfortable database for a tracking of the new Circles around the world and also an archive from the beginning of their emergence on our planet with a convenient searching navigation. There you can find the messages which are addressed to you personally, for all people and for the planet as a whole by using some knowledge of modern esoteric spiritual movements and ancient traditions, knowledge of sacred geometry and numerology, world symbolic and analogic, math analysis, etc. And, of course, you are able to use the information that is received through these energy codes in your personal spiritual and intelligent creativity.

Perhaps many beginning researchers are curious to know who creates Crop Circles "under the cover of night?" In fact, the whole Universe makes them. They are created by everybody. Many people are doing them (on fields, on sandy beaches, on the snow in the mountains, etc.), simulating own artwork in order to heaven patterns. Also extraterrestrials made them through their extraterrestrial facilities. There are also conundrums from the teaching system and archangelic world. The Earth planet makes them through their evolutional life-line and nature kingdoms (including circle-ripples on the water, the principles of golden ratio and fractal similarity of animal and vegetative worlds, torus-forming natural phenomena, etc.). Even hedgehogs create them and trees make the rings when are cut, and mushrooms in a form of «fairy rings». Everybody can draw the circles or other geometrical figures by hand. Therefore, fakes or false Crop Circles do not exist, just as there are no false triangles, squares or rectangles. There is a mutual process of communication with our progenitors when the people make Crop Circles. People also have to learn to respond. At the same time, our elder brothers in mind that paint the Crop Circles may not be a direct authors of them, but they are a mediated transfer assistants of the universal activation codes from the more highest levels of the Archangelic, Teachers’ and Divine development systems, where they tell us through the space-dimensional geometrical language about the organization of future Creation, its universal structure and the Divine plan of cosmic evolution to revive the Divine Origin Source of Life on the Earth. As you understand, it is necessary to have an individual and creative approach and it is recommended to take for your research and study only those Circles or energy seals that you are really interested in and which resonate with you.

In fact, it does not matter who creates them. And more insightful people are interested in their meaning, what information they contain, and what kind of energy they bring in its own content. Of course, it is messages or letters also from the spiritual world and from our galactic relatives and intergalactic families which are containing energetic information, where we can see the multidimensional information with a few definitions in one 2D formation. In other words, the one formation may be applicable to many phenomena, frequently combining and synthesizing the several concepts or symbols simultaneous. Also in Crop Circles and in generalized form of Alchemic Arts you can see the symbolic meanings of the Holy Cross and Spark of Creation, Golden Galaxy “Dorada”, Blue Aqua Star, Rising Pyramids (Golden Pyramid of Sun-Christ, World Pyramid of Pigeon and Pyramid-Stairway into the Heaven), sacred symbol of the Mandorla’s (Vesica Piscis) “Eight” and its inversion into the future quadrature-directed 16-dimensional Universe, the Code of Divine Stamp 0-19 or cond. “The Ring of Creation” (Islam, the Holy Quran and studies of Jose Arguelles) and knowledge about the existence of Non-dimensional Universe (or unmanifested Creation). Also there are such symbols of future Creation as early Christian fish symbol of Ichthys, Metatronic keys channeled via James Tyberonn (incl.: the Pigeon’s Firmament and Pigeon’s Head, Pyramid’s Rising, Golden Solar Discs, Golden Dolphin, Crystal Skulls, Atlantic Master-Crystals, etc.), Yin-Yang (Eastern traditions) and Yin-Yang-Yun (modern traditions), the Universal Ankh (Egyptian traditions), Cross Tau (from Egyptian, Christian and Jewish traditions), Mayan Tzolkin’s system and dot-dash account in a form of dashes and rectangles (Mayan culture and 20-metrical Mayan Math), and also the knowledge about Rainbow Bridge (from Scandinavian mythology), Column of Divine Light, Vagina of Female Goddess, World Pyramid was transmitted from A.Michael via Ronna Herman. Also the symbols of Sacred Phallus, Excalibur (Sword in the Stone) and Holy Grail (from the medieval British mythology), three Eyes (cond. God’s Eye, Horus Eye & Merlin’s Eye), the Divine Seed of life (cond. “Grain of Creation”), the Egg of Life, Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge (cond. “Tree of Life’s Knowledge), Golden Lotus, sacred animals (incl.: Pigeon, Scarabaeus, Butterfly, Dragonfly, Phoenix, Cats, Dolphins, etc.) and many other concepts of modern spiritual movements and ancient traditions (and even such conceptual ideas for which definitions do not exist in a modern human terminology) have represented schematically and substantiated mathematically in a series of Alchemic-Arts on a math-spiritual Solar Cross of Knowledge and Spark of Creation. And we will consider the most general of them more detailed below.

But first of all, I would like to orient for the best understanding of Crop Circles and Art-works and also to expand the perception of the world picture. This is a new idea about an existence of Universe of the non-dimensional level (non-dimensional Universe) or unmanifested Creation. It is about the dimension of the manifested Creation with all available measurements of space-time which are spreading till 19th dimension inclusively, and then starting from 20th and above, we are talking about the other level of organization of Creation with the numerical levels which are going beyond the Code of Divine Stamp 0-19 (or "The Ring of Creation"), where the non-dimensional level’s Universe begins without any space or time. In other words, it is metaphysically incorrect to talk about dimensions which are starting from the 20th and more high levels because such high level dimensions do not exist in the divine nature. And here we can talk about the non-dimensional Universe as an unmanifested Creation with the non-dimensional future Suns. Crop Circles confirm the proof of this hypothesis. Therefore, as so-called "Crop Сircles" show us the structure of future Creation in summarized geometrical 2-D format. Or in other words, the Crop Circles can be considered as the General Plan of Light Family in a form of Solar Cross and Spark of Creation. And 2-D format is necessary for facilitate understanding by human society on the early stages of own development. It is possible to talk about more highly dimensional formats of this math model, but it is premature yet. Moreover the energetic seals of the Crop Circles with contained the interdimensional geometrical information also have a 2-D or maximum 3-D format on the flat for better assimilation and acceptance of them by the human consciousness. And as life practice shows, in order to build a house or a building, first the preliminary project scheme is drawn and the general plan is modeled on the flat before constructing.

Thus, the semantic load of Crop Circles contains those basic conceptual ideas which are transmitted through various channelings today, and also such concepts and ideas which future generations need to adopt and become aware tomorrow. While the semantic load of Crop Circles can become an objective criterion of truth of any channelings for many people in future. For those who are really interested in what the energy seals of Crop Circles mean to embrace your consciousness at least a small part of 2-dimensional picture of the whole Creation, I suggest studying more detailed some conceptual examples which are the most frequently detected on the crops through the universal language of spatial geometry and which have been recently transmitted to us for awareness through various channelings.

But before that, let me share one more important tool or methodology of calculation of the numerical and numerological value of Crop Circles for correct understanding and self-study of them. So, the 1 (one) = point or a solid circle; the 2 (two) and other numerical values ​​more than one unit = non-solid circle, circles or dots in the circle, where the one unit is calculated every black and white from 2 and more; the 3 (three) = triangle, pyramid or specific quadrangle (the view of the pyramid from the top of angle) and also three formations in any combinations (for example: dots or circles in a row or inside each other); the 4 (four) = the square, the rhombus and also four formations in any combinations (for example: dots or circles in a row or inside each other, quadrature-directed compositions); the 5 (five) = the dash (from dot-dash account), the rectangle (as derived from the dash), the pentagon or solid pentahedral formation (for example: the star, flower, mandala, crystal, Sun, etc.) and also five formations in any combinations (for example: dots or circles in a row or inside each other); 6 (six) = the hexagon or solid hexahedral formation and also six formations in any combinations (for example: dots or circles in a row or inside each other) and so on.

A few words should also be said about the mechanism of alchemical transformation the "6" and the "9" into the "8" ("Eight of Infinity" or Mandorla’s (Vesica Piscis) "Eight"), which is subsequently transformed into a quadrature-directed composition of the future 16-dimensional Universe. Also, "6" and "9" can be identified as a Blue Aqua Star (as a half of the "Kerchief"), the Holy Spirit (as a curved droplet) and World Pyramid of Pigeon (as 24x4=96).

And the last one is about the numerical structure and construction principle of the Solar Cross and Spark of Creation which are consist of  (1) future cross-forming Suns (cond.): it is the numbers from 13 and higher, where 11 numbers from 13 till 19 (13, 14, 15х3, 16, 17, 18х2, 19 are dimensional Suns) and one 11th Sun-number is the 30-non-dimensional Sun-Christ (is in the center of the Cross) are inside the Code of Divine Stamp 0-19 (or "The Ring of Creation"). The numbers from 20 and higher numbers are beyond the scope of this sacred Code 0-19. And also (2) the cross-forming 36 master-numbers – from 11 till 99999. All these numerical values ​​are merged by all the possible math principles (for example: 13+20=33 or 11+22=33) through the triangles and the mathematically substantiated "Stairway to Heaven" (or the Pyramid-Stairway of the math principles) is constructed by the horizontal lines of these triangles. Also through the projecting of simple circle on the Solar Cross and Spark of Creation together with sacred math principles it is possible to calculate mathematically, simulate geometrically and substantiate alchemically all famous world symbols which are known by humanity, their cultures, religious denominations and spiritual traditions.

So, the general sense of conceptual ideas of sacramental knowledge which have been transmitted to humanity and our planet through the Crop Circle’s messages and advanced channelings applies on the following main components of interdimensional puzzle which on their energetic essence are very important sacred artifacts for future structure of the divine Creation (some of them even go out beyond modern knowledge and awareness of scientific and esoteric circles) have been generalized and systematized below. Also I represent your attention e-links on two visual PRESENTATIONs:

”ALCHEMIC-ART_1 (Crop Circle’s Math)”

& “ALCHEMIC-ART_2 (Math-Alchemical Modeling)”

for better understanding of the following listed-below scientific-spiritual concepts and knowledge according to the principles of the sacred Math and spiritual science of Alchemy:


NUMERICAL VALUES ​​(are often found among the Crop Circles) are 33 (for a Golden Pyramid of Christ) and 30 (for a Golden 30-non-dimensional Sun-Christ), also the Sun-Christ may be represented as a master-number 66666 (five sixes, where 5x6=30) or the Sun-circle of ten triangles;

GEOMETRICAL VALUES ​​ are the triangular pyramid, equilateral triangle or any other triple formation which is forming the equilateral triangle;

SYMBOLICAL VALUES (for a Golden Pyramids of Christ) are Yin-Yang-Yun (cond.), brand logotypes of "Mercedes-Benz" or "Mitsubishi Motors",

SYMBOLICAL VALUES (for a 30-non-dimensional Sun-Christ) are a Heart, such letters as "F" (as a double "Г") and "Y";

ALCHEMICAL VALUE is the Golden triangular Pyramid with three 15-dimensional future Suns at the base and with and the Golden Heart of the 30-non-dimensional Sun-Christ (the Heart symbol) which is inside the Pyramid, and also 17-dimensional Blue Aqua Star which is on the top of the Pyramid and giving birth the Horus Eye and the Divine Seed of Life;

METAPHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL VALUES are the Divine Child, the Divine Love and Compassion, the Divine Trinity which are realized within the framework of future manifested (dimensional) Creation.


BLUE AQUA STAR (the future of the Earth Planet (Blue Flame Planet) is the future 17-dimensional Sun) (on a basis of A.Michael’s studies via Celia Fenn and other sources).

NUMERICAL VALUE is 17 which may be represented as the “one” and “seven” separately;

GEOMETRICAL VALUES are the circle with other internal off-center circumferences, circles, dots, moons, half-moons and also the truncated circles or incomplete circle, the image of "comma" (as a half of Kerchief) are turning into a spiral, and merged together 9 and 6;

SYMBOLICAL VALUES are the image of "Kerchief", the Moon (both the Moon and Earth Planet are symbolizing a single structure), images and symbols of "Aqua", the logotype of the University of Algarve in Portugal;

ALCHEMICAL VALUE is the future 17-dimensional Sun is on top of the Golden Pyramids of Christ and forming (1) the “Horus Eye” (conv.), (2) horizontal small Rainbow Bridge through the symbol of “Eight” of Mandorla (Vesica Piscis), (3) the Divine Seed (the Grain of Life) and also (4) the Universal Ankh (paired with the Golden Pyramid of Christ within the unmanifested Creation or Non-dimensional Universe). And within the unmanifested Creation (non-dimensional Universe) is the inner blue part of the Universal Ankh;

METAPHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL VALUES are the Divine Mother, the Divine Origin Source of Life which are realized within the framework of future manifested (dimensional) Creation.


GOLDEN GALAXY "DORADA" (the future of the "Milky Way") (on a basis of A.Michael’s studies via Ronna Herman & Celia Fenn).

NUMERICAL VALUES are 13 and 40 or 13 inside 40 (where “13” is Central Galactic Sun, “40” is a Galaxy as a whole, by the numerology: “4” is a Law, “0” is an Absolute, “40” is an Absolute Law), also may be submitted as a master-number 88888 (five eights, where 5+8=13 and 5x8=40), eight dashes (via dot-dash account) or the Sun of ten squares, also the 13 as zero point;

GEOMETRICAL VALUES are the torus, oval, ellipse or any other triple formations which are not forming the triangle (for example: lined up in a vertical or horizontal row of three circles, circumference, dots or other formations which are different from circle);

SYMBOLICAL AND ALCHEMICAL VALUES are the Eye, Crown, Golden Lotus (by math principle 13-17-30) or Golden Rose, Trident, Egg of Life (partly by math principle 18-22-40), triple letter "Г", brand logotypes of "Maserati" or an oval of "Ford";

METAPHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL VALUES are the Divine Father, the Divine Law, the Divine Will which is impersonated within the framework of future manifested (dimensional) Creation.


RAINBOW BRIDGE (or "ANTAKARANA") (on a basis of Scandinavian mythology, studies of Jose Arguelles and A.Michael, other sources).

GEOMETRICAL VALUES are the circular arc, the “Eight” of Mandorla (Vesica Piscis), also the “Eights” may be represented on the fields an sing of “infinity” with two joined droplets;

SYMBOLICAL VALUES are the rainbow, the bridge, infinity sign;

ALCHEMICAL VALUE is the cross-forming Vertical large (with a Merlin’s Eye which is in the central part of Mandorla (Vesica Piscis)) and Horizontal small (with a central Horus Eye which is in the center of Mandorla (Vesica Piscis) and the Divine Seed of Life) Mandorla’s (Vesica Piscis) “Eights” of Rainbow Bridge. The Horizontal small Mandorla’s "Eight" of Rainbow Bridge creates the Horus Eye and Divine Seed of Life (or “White Grain of Creation” that is also in the center of Blue Aqua Star and Golden Pyramid of Christ). “The White Grain of Creation” creates the Column of Divine Light (with a Sacred Phallus) by fractal similarity over the entire length of the Vertical large Mandorla’s (Vesica Piscis) "Eight" of Rainbow Bridge. Also the Horizontal small Mandorla’s (Vesica Piscis) "Eight" of Rainbow Bridge is limited by the highest double Tau and the Vertical large Mandorla’s (Vesica Piscis) "Eight" of Rainbow Bridge is limited by the highest double Tau and lower Tau. The Vertical large Mandorla’s (Vesica Piscis) "Eight" of Rainbow Bridge with the Merlin’s Eye create the future 16-dimensional Universe through the Inversion of the Mandorla’s (Vesica Piscis) "Eight";

METAPHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL VALUES are the Divine Path, the Divine Aspiration, the Divine Direction, Dao within the framework of future manifested (dimensional) and unmanifested (non-dimensional) Creation.

QUADRATURE-DIRECTED 16-DIMENSIONAL UNIVERSE (through the inversion of "Eight") (on a basis of Kryon’s studies via Sergei Kanashevsky).


GEOMETRICAL VALUES are the square or four squares, other quadrature-directed compositions or quaternary formations (for example, in a row), 16-pointed stars or 16-hedron formations, the “Eight” (in a form of infinity or Mandorla (Vesica Piscis)) with the central circularly formation;

SYMBOLICAL VALUES are two horizontally opposed Moons, quarter letter "Г", brand logotypes of "BMW" or "AUDI";

ALCHEMICAL VALUE is the nativity of the central circular formation which is on the vertical large part of the Rainbow Bridge through the inversion of the Mandorla’s (Vesica Piscis) “Eight”, where the Merlin’s Eye (the Moon is under the Golden Pyramid of Christ and inside the Mandorla’s “Eight”) and the Blue Aqua Star (the future of Earth planet) are the indivisible basis of the future 16-dimensional Universe. Also the future 16-dimensional Universe is forming through the concentric Holy Spirit’s influence (in a form of Pigeon’s symbol) on the inversion of the Mandorla’s “Eight”;

METAPHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL VALUE is the Divine Reflection of the Sparks of Creation (all being Creation) within the framework of future manifested (dimensional) Creation.


MERLIN’s EYE (conditional definition, the fractal reflection of the Blue Aqua Star)

NUMERICAL VALUE is zero point;

SYMBOLICAL VALUE is the merged together images of Eye and Moon (or Crescent);

ALCHEMICAL VALUE is the central formation in a combine form of Eye and the Moon (Crescent) which is inside the large vertical Mandorla’s (Vesica Piscis) “Eight” and located at the bottom of the Golden Pyramid of Christ. The Merlin’s Eye is a mirror reflection of the Horus Eye with the same alchemical function of the Blue Aqua Star (as the Moon and Planet are represent the one unified structure, thus the Merlin’s Eye and Horus Eye also have the unified alchemical function) and creating a Vertical large Mandorla’s "Eight" of the Rainbow Bridge (whereas the Blue Aqua Star creates a Horizontal small Mandorla’s "Eight" of the Rainbow Bridge and Horus Eye). Also the Merlin’s Eye is participating in (1) the Inversion of the Vertical large Mandorla’s "Eight" of the Rainbow Bridge (2) the formation of the future quadrature-directed 16-dimensional Universe, (3) the Column of Divine Light and (4) the Sacred Phallus;

METAPHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL VALUE is a fractal reflection of the Blue Aqua Star (or the Divine Origin) at the bottom of the Golden Pyramid of Christ within the framework of future manifested (dimensional) Creation.

CODE OF DIVINE STAMP 0-19=13:20 (cond. "THE RING OF CREATION") (on a basis of studies of Dr. Rashid Khalifa, Jose Arguelles, J.R.R. Tolkien (the 20th One Ring of Absolute Power from trilogies of "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit")

NUMERICAL VALUES are 19 or (as a mirror image of 19th) and 20;

GEOMETRICAL VALUES are an oval (ellipse) or pentagram;

SYMBOLICAL VALUES are the Ring or Seal;

SCIENTIFIC AND RELIGIOUS VALUE is the math code of sacred Koran 0-19 which is opened by Dr. Rashid Khalifa (in period of 1968-1981 (13 years)) and continued by Jose Arguelles through the Mayan math and math analysis of the time frequency 13-20;

ALCHEMICAL VALUE is that 10 dimensional crossforming future Suns (13, 14, 15х3, 16, 17, 18х2, 19) and the one (11th) central 30-non-dimensional Sun-Christ which are located in a frame of the Code of Divine Stamp 0-19 or within the manifested Creation; and 43 crossforming non-dimensional future Suns (from 20th level and above) are located outside the Code of Divine Stamp 0-19 (or in the non-dimensional Universe of the unmanifested Creation). Total: 10 dimensional + 44 non-dimensional = 54 future Sun on the Spark of Creation. The future quadrature-directed 16-dimensional Universe is located within the framework of the Code of Divine Stamp 0-19 (cond. "Ring of Creation");

METAPHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL VALUES are the Divine Riddel, Partition, Delimitation between the manifested (dimensional) and unmanifested (non-dimensional) Creation.

HOLY SPIRIT (on a basis of religious traditions of various cultures)

NUMERICAL VALUES are all the numbers or the number of "Pi";

GEOMETRICAL VALUES are spiral, zigzag, three arcs in a form of the bird;

SYMBOLICAL VALUES are the Pigeon, Peace, Gate, Key, Flag, the letters "Г" (Голубь) or "P" (Pigeon), the solid halves of the Yin-Yang’s symbol without interior points (i.e. the form of "droplet" which is combined with the letter "Г" (or the image of the curved droplet or 6 & 9)), brand logotypes of "Mazda";

ALCHEMICAL VALUE is that the Holy Spirit has a comprehensive all-around horizontal spread (extension) in a frame of upper double Tau and lower Tau on the Spark of Creation;

METAPHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL VALUES are the Divine Act, Activity, Action, Creativity within the framework of future unmanifested (non-dimensional) Creation (or the Sparks of Creation) and within the framework manifested (dimensional) Creation (during the inversion of "Eight" into the 16-dimensional Universe).

WORLD PYRAMID OF PIGEON (on a basis of A.Michael’s studies via Ronna Herman).

NUMERICAL VALUES are 24 and 96 (or 24x4), sometimes is 64;

MATHEMATICAL VALUE is the Euler’s identity ;

GEOMETRICAL VALUES are (1) octahedron (double four-sided pyramid), or two triangles, or any two of the same type of pyramids* which are coupled by the side-bases or by the vertices; (2) vertically elongated one or two triangles (one or two the same type pyramids*) and which are coupled by the side-bases or vertices; vertically elongated octahedron; (3) and also all of the above geometric formation with a lateral "Г"-shaped (or "P"-shaped) triangular or pyramidal formation (the lateral deviation is carried out by the math principle: 20+24=44)

( *  - the forms of World Pyramid and Golden Pyramid of Christ can be represented as tetrahedral and triangular pyramids among the Crop Circles);

SYMBOLICAL VALUES are the Pigeon, Tear (the droplet’s image), the Pigeon’s Head (the convex triangle on a circle or a circumference (the image of the Pigeon’s Head (triangle) with a beak where the beak is a Pyramid)), early Christian symbol of XP or diagonal Cross (X);

ALCHEMICAL VALUE is the four 24-non-dimensional future Suns (24x4=96) which are at the base of tetrahedral Pyramid (or two pyramids of octahedron with a common side-base within the framework of future manifested (dimensional) Creation (or within the “Ring of Creation” or Code of Divine Stamp 0-19) and the 64-non-dimensional future Sun is on the vertex of the one highest pyramid of octahedron and rushing into the unmanifested Creation (or non-dimensional Universe). Also the Horus Eye and the Golden Pyramid of Christ can be represented among the Crop Circles inside at the base of the World Pyramid of Pigeon (or in the center of octahedron), because some alchemical functions on the vertices of both pyramids (of Christ and Pigeon) may be the coincide;

METAPHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL VALUES are the Divine Connection, Contact, Compound, and also Transition from the manifested (dimensional) Creation to the unmanifested (non-dimensional) Creation and vice versa.

SWORD EXCALIBUR (on a basis of British mythology and the legend of King Arthur).

NUMERICAL VALUES are 50 (twice), number’s combination of 6 and 8 (68 or 86) and the math principle 14+19=33

GEOMETRICAL VALUES are straight or straight-built structure of any geometrical formations which are passing through the STONE OF CREATION (which can be represented (in total or separately) as a circle, cube, horizontal small or vertical large Mandorla (Vesica Piscis) "Eight" of Rainbow Bridge, Sun, Blue Aqua Star and also the future quadrature-directed 16-dimensional Universe). The Sward can be inside the World Pyramid of Pigeon (elongated octahedron or triangle));


ALCHEMICAL VALUES are (1) combination of three numerical values of the math principles (14+19=33) with two future Suns 14-, 19-dimensional and master number 33 are on the vertical crossbar of the Solar Cross where cross-piece for a Sword can be a horizontal small crossbar (with a cube as a beginning of the blade) and also the blade’s tip is entering in the cube of master-number 33. In other words, the beginning and the end of the Sword’s blade are crowned the cubes (where the cube can be as a Stone of Creations and also has 6 sides and 8 angles in its structure); (2) Two 50-non-dimensional future Suns are in two diagonally opposite quadrants of the Solar Cross, which is combined by other math principles with numerical values ​​of other future Suns and other master numbers of the Solar Cross (where the Sword is presented by 2 midside rays of all 8 diagonal rays of other math principles in one quadrant which is reflecting a combination of numbers 6 and 8 and also corresponds to the cube’s structure with 6 sides and 8 angles). Thus the diagonal Sword consists of two 50-non-dimensional future Suns by the 4 midside of all 16 diagonal rays of math principles in the two diagonally opposite quadrants (where the future quadrature-directed 16-dimensional Universe also can be as a Stone of Creation);

METAPHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL VALUE is the Divine Verity (Truth) which is reflected within the framework of future manifested (dimensional) and unmanifested (non-dimensional) Creation.

There is a small part of names of concept’s definitions are conditional, because some conceptual notions still do not have scientific or metaphysical determinations or terms, but have a math substantiation and where the Crop Circles were and are the criterion of truth for these artifacts that confirm this research.

Thus, THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF CREATION or CROP CIRCLE's MATH is represented in two PRESENTATIONs of ALCHEMIC-ART_1 & ALCHEMIC-ART_2 (see following e-links). FUTURE EDUCATION (SPACE MATH & SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY): Learning to read & understand the energetic codes (Crop Circles) through the sacred geometry, numerology, analogiсs, global symbols, math analysis, math-alchemical modelling, meditations & cosmic humor. Learning to create the future Creation by the divine-alchemical forms together.


& PRESENTATION “ALCHEMIC-ART_2 (Math-Alchemical Modeling)”

And also the archive and database of the Crop Circle's formations is here

With love and enjoy.


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