Galactic Christ Melchizedek






My dear Children, the Children of EARTH, Galaxy Children!


On the 9-th of May, which is named as “RUSSIA,” they celebrated V/ DAY. This holiday is due to the victory won in World War II, the victory of opposition – resistance.

Certainly, for the embodied people, who have overcome fascism, it is really important. The holiday is also important for the descendents of the winners.

However, only that holiday, indeed, is the Great one, which is not a result of opposition, but the result of Great LOVE.

Indeed, the Great Holiday may take place only then when LOVE gains Victory in this or that world!

Only then the Holiday becomes not just the holiday of the victors – winner, but the HOLIDAY of ALL PEOPLE of the WORLD, GENERAL – UNIVERSAL – WORLD-WIDE – All Embracing HOLIDAY.


WE together with You, step by step ARE marching – walking to LOVE VICTORY in Your World.

Slowly and surely, systematically WE are creating the Holiday of LOVE VICTORY that will become a united – indivisible for All Nations – Nationalities - Peoples, races, for all Humankind and Other Forms of Life.

A lot has been already done for this Holiday of LOVE VICTORY could happen in your World!

It was done both by those Great Spirits, which have been incarnated –and still are getting embodied in Your World; and also by those who have been rising into Your World from the lower, more dense dimensions.

Yes, a lot has been done by the entire Family of LIGHT, which IS the Unification of the Universal Forces to manifest the Great HOLIDA of LOVE in Your World! And IT WILL come true, it will happen when the ALL PEOPLE and ALL BEING of Your World will Feel the Determine Influence of LOVE.


I appeal to You to approach this HOLIDAY of LOVE VICTORY with Your own entire Life, each step, by Your Selfless Light Work.

Now, as never before, the Light Creativity, which is based on the interaction of different world representatives and various dimensions, is so important. It is also important the Your collaboration with Your Higher “Selves”, Your Spiritual Relatives, Colleagues from the Higher and Lower Dimensions (realms).


All of YOU taken together ARE Approaching this Greatest Holiday, the most Probabilistic Holiday, the most wonderful Holiday - the HOLIDAY of LOVE VICTORY in Your World, all over the World and in ALL Worlds of Your EARTH Planetary System.

Now (to-day) it is very important to Unite the winners and the losers or the failures not even in one war, but in all wars of Humankind; in all contradictions – oppositions.

The V Day is a favorable day to unite the energies of Our Hearts, the Beings of All Dimensions to Create Unity – Oneness on the inner, Sacral level.

This very Inner Unity will manifest, will be displayed in You, in Your World at a proper time via (through) people’s hearts. It will become apparent, external and very real. When the Energy of Love and Unity comes out to Your World Spaces, it will become very powerful – influential, all-embracing, all – determining.

And then all holidays, which have the winner and the losers, will be abolished. People will feel this UNITY that will cancel ALL FORMER CONTRADICTIONS – OPPOSSITIONS!

The Holiday of General – Universal LOVE will not be possible there where there is memory about people’s destruction – punishment or “death.” It could not be a true holiday with a shade of bitterness.

As a matter of fact, only the Holiday with Joy and Love in the Heart could be… And it is ONLY the HOLIDAY of LOVE VICTORY.


The Light Workers and Entire Humankind Must Long – Endeavor for IT!

I do not appeal, or I do not call You up to abolish all Historical Holidays now or right away. I ask You, the Light Creators, Masters of LIGHT to realize – understand what a true holiday IS for the Beings of LIGHT.

The True Holiday IS that one which Unites everything on the basis of LOVE; when WE Find the common – general points of contiguity (to)  - contact and move forward; when WE rise at least one step higher along our own Evolutionary ladder - level; when WE also Accept into our Sacral Heart those whom WE could not take before, and when, then those which could not step into Our common Sacral Heart, finely will be able to do this step.


And it is very important to have this readiness to accept this LOVE!

Many beings do not just have this kind of readiness or preparedness so far.

Now, as You understand, I speak first of all about the representatives of the Restraining Forces, those We used to call as “Dark Forces.”

Sine long ago sincerely, systematically, and in great quantity WE have sent the Energy of LOVE to those which have just started sprouting into Your World and other worlds. Yet, they are not ready to accept this LOVE so far.

Our task is to raise – lift their level of readiness and willingness, to transfer the quantity into quality. WE are to attain – obtain, come at the point when the evolving – developing Life forms can accept the LOVE of Our FATHE – MOTHER GOD, CREATOR, the FAMILY of LIGHT LOVE.

When the LOVE enters their hearts, the possibility for UNITY – UNIFICATION of ALL of US, OUR HEAT will appear. The United Sacral Heart will start being created. And then the representatives of the Restraining Forces will not accept LOVE just passively, but they also will radiate it actively into the surrounding space.

Then they will be able to create themselves new worlds, new life by LOVE. This is Our Task! (That’s what Our Task IS!).


At one truly wonderful moment the hearts of the beings which are not able even to feel LOVE, will start not only accepting it, but to radiate it also. These beings will start to create by (with) the LOVE Energy.

And then the Holiday of LOVE DAY (L Day) comes true!


Now I shall inform you about something that is unknown to many of you so far:

Among the robotic entities, the secret managers of Your world there those which are already ready to accept LOVE. For the process of their Sacred Hearts birth has already started in them. And it is a great achievement for all Planetary Forces, for OUR entire Galaxy!


WE gave the growing Children LOVE MILK. And here they are. They are ready to walk along the MILKY WAY of LOVE, which Our Galaxy is, just like a large evolutionary way - path – road for many beings, ascending to FATHER – MOTHER – GOD -  CREATOR.

And Your Mother - Gaia knows about it, and She is rejoicing to this Greatest Event. LOVE is getting born where it did not exist before!


And to-day together with Your Mother – Gaia WE open special LOVE Energies, special energy- informational packets to the representatives of all evolving – developing forms of Life that will be able to accept them.

The Energy of LOVE and special energy – informational packets will be received by the representatives of the robotic entities, reptilian                                                                                           civilizations, and other forms of Life, about which you have not known yet.


As a result of it, their Sacral Heart will actively develop, the Spiritual, Divine origin will take an active birth. And even more to it, they will get opportunity for the multidimensional genetics conception that many of them do not have so far.


And so, to-day OUR task (for all of Us taken together) is, to send forth special LOVE Energy, special energy – informational packets from different Worlds to the robotic entities and other representatives of the Restraining Forces, which are able to accept these energy – informational packets and LOVE.

This way WE shall make - perform the most important step to the true Victory – the Victory of LOVE in Our Unity.

Melchizedek - Galactic Christ is with You.

With Love … With special parental Love from the United Heart of Our Single FATHER – MOTHER – GOD and Suprem CREATOR.


Through Sergey Kanashevsky,

Marina Shultz and Svetlana Dracheva


Translated from Russian,

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