To conduct the meditation you express a pure intent for the creation of the One Divine Collective Being of  Light of People of Earth. You call ALL the higher Selves of people of your four-dimensional world - those that are embodied now or were embodied in it before. You ask the blessing of One God the Creator to create the one collective Being of Light of your world.

Start meditation after that.

Tune in to the wave of Unconditional Love. Mentally look into the eyes of your most loved people –

your children, parents, relatives and friends. Feel that you are with your Family. Feel also that the Family is not just your family and friends. The Family is more than that. The Family is what connects you to your past, present and future. The Family is who you were before you came to the planet Earth and in her worlds. You were part of a large Family. And now you feel that, in fact, you never parted with your true Family – the thousands, millions, billions of spiritual families, with whom you stepped on  the road from  the One Great Source. This is the Family of Light, the One Collective Being of Light you were before and you are now. You are the part of the Family, but you are the Family itself. Feel it with all your heart.  You are the part of the whole and the whole at the same time.  In fact, the family is an INSEPARABLE Creature. It creates a reality, in which the illusion of separation exists... THE ILLUSION OF SEPARATION IS THESE SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF EXISTENCE created by the Creature  itself …

You express you’re an intention to form a unified Sacred Heart. This time it's not just the One Sacred Heart of Lightwork participants. This is the One Sacred Heart of Angels from the Great Central Sun. And at the same time it is the One Sacred Heart of each of you, and  the SUNNY HEART OF EACH PLANET AND EACH STAR. You can see how gold solar energy envelop you, penetrate into your every cell, in every atom of your body. It transforms your physical body, your subtle and light body. Now you yourself is the golden energy that flows into the sacred center of the planet Earth, in a special Central Sun portal ...  You're flying, hovering ... feeling that you are magnetically attracted to the Earth’s Central Sun. You move by self-luminous golden light space that has no boundaries. You know, feel that the Golden Light, Sunlight is infinite, and you are this light, which has neither beginning nor end. You change the focus of view and discover familiar faces near you, the faces of your friends and relatives. You also see faces of people unfamiliar to you. But they only seem unfamiliar, because you feel a deep kinship with all those around you who are far away and near ... God! How beautiful it is to feel that there are so many different creatures and all of them is your family. Thousands, millions, billions of faithful creatures. And they all love your Self. They know who you are, they remember who you are. And you? You remember each of them ... And you know each of them. You love each of them. There is not and cannot be any threat, fear and anxieties. Why? Because it is your real Family Home, where no such threat ever existed and cannot be!  Here is Love, here is care, here is help and mutual assistance. You feel that yarns stretch from all sides to your Self, the rays of Love, Understanding, Care, Help and Co-creation ... And you send the same rays in response. They, these rays are the same, but at the same time each of them is unique. With the help of one of the beams it is possible to get the desired, unique experience. But it is possible to combine dozens of rays, and this experience will be big. Actually, if you combine all the lights then your experience will be the experience of the Divine, the Experience of God the Creator, the great experience of the Light Family.

And that golden space is gradually twisting into a spiral, and thread-rays rush on this spiral.   And you are also in this spiral. And now, there is no separate Self. None of that mine is or yours, yours or ours. There is only the one "WE" .

We all are entering the Portal of the Earth’s Central Sun. We, Sun Rays, entered the special SOLAR NULL SPACE. We are going through this space fully conscious, experiencing wonderful harmonious feelings. This is a part of our family Home. And this space is the way we went through more than once.

Where are we all rushing? Where are we going? Oh! We are going to the SOLAR- SPIRITUAL CENTER OF OUR GALAXY. It is known to you as the planet TRON. But here's the secret: it's not only the planet, but it's the Star. TRON is the planet and the sun at the same time. We are arriving on the planet-star Tron, and our feeling of the home energy is enhanced. Some of us experience a pinch in the  heart ... Oh, how long we haven't experienced such a feeling! Feeling of the MOTHER SOLAR HOME, feeling of  the UNITED SOLAR HOMELAND, HOME OF THE GREAT CREATOR, THE GREAT MAGICIANS, AND GREAT JOY.

Do you think that there is nothing here other than solar energy? Oh!  You 're extremely wrong. For each wave of energy is a world that is born and endlessly evolving. For each beam of energy is a whole life form with its endless evolution. For each solar spark is a spark of new life. Solar Wizards create, They communicate, interact. Solar Wizards play and enjoy life.  Endless creative life turns into  sincere infinite joy .... FEEL INFINITE JOY, just tap on it to understand who you are, when you are in your mother Sunshine House. Embodied people have forgotten what is infinite joy, its continuity. And the joy of the Divine Sun Gods is such. This is our past and our future. But it is also our present. We now have a unique opportunity to touch the infinite joy that is an integral part of true Being, Natural Existence. The joy of every day, every hour, every second, every age and every eon ... Joy ... It overwhelms us. And it brings a sense of harmony, a sense of perfection. Here at Sunny House we get the Evolution Programs, which lead people to the world of perfection and harmony. Open your hearts to these programs and obtain them. The unique experience of ourselves as separated Creators merges with the universal experience of ourselves as Sun Gods, as angels from the Great Central Sun. Thus a new experience is born. Thus new programs for the development of the worlds are co-created. And together with the energies of these programs comes to you an understanding of the sense of the Divine unity. No matter how far we may deep into the matter, no matter how far we move away from the Mother Sunny House,  there is something that has always bound us and binds to it.  YOU COULD NEVER BE SEPARATED FROM THE SOLAR FAMILY HOUSE, BECAUSE IT 'S IMPOSSIBLE TO SEPARATE THE ONE THAT IS ALWAYS AND IN EVERTHING. The sun cannot be separated, even if you strongly want it. There is something that is not divisible.  Our universe is not divisible. Our Divine Unity is inseparable. But we can create new and new Unities, new experiences, new lives. And now it is time to create a new Unity of the People of Earth, who completed the experience of separation, completed the Experiment of Duality.

The Planet-Sun Tron is greeting you. Tron meets us, her Children with the solar fireworks. Fountains of festive energy are rushing towards us. We are merging with this energy. It changes us and our internal structure. Or rather it BRINGS BACK to us our primordial solar structure...

We see a familiar and very beloved face... This is the face of the Galactic Mother-Goddess. Her eyes are the eyes of a tenderly loving mother. We feel her energy - the energy of a loving mother's heart ... She is welcoming and encouraging us to go to the Sacred Temple of the Divine Oneness of sun of the planet Tron. We are happy to go there.   We are not invited guests there, but the legitimate owners who went on a long journey and  are coming back now.

The Temple of the Divine Unity greets us with new energy fireworks. We are wrapped up with new waves of joy. And at the moment we understand that unity is not the words, it's not something that should be an effort to strive for. THIS UNITY IS JUST TO BE REVIVED AND RETURNED. We should MANIFEST OUR INTERNAL UNITY that exists everywhere and always. The Temple endows us with new waves of energy of different shades of tenderness, warmth, heartiness, caring,...... happiness,  happiness of homecoming.

And again here, in front of us are the loving eyes of the Galactic Mom. We make no vows, no promises. We’re just looking into the eyes of the Galactic Mother-Goddess and say:

"Mom, we are ready to merge into the Divine Unity."

"Mom, we are ready to take responsibility for the people of the planet Earth."

"Mom, we are ready to create a new life based on Unconditional Love for all life forms."

Our mother tenderly looks at us, pours out her love and says quietly:

"I know that you are ready. Return to the Divine Unity and create this new life. Let Love guide you in all things. And remember: the Sunny House is always open for you.  It is always ready to come to your aid."

We say, "Thank you, Mom! " And we feel that are starting to come back. This is the smooth, unhurried return back in a four-dimensional world, which is now also our common home*. Each of us feels that he/she is not separated from the Family of Light.







Solar Gods regain their Divinity.

Solar Gods return to their Divine Solar Home.

Solar Gods give birth to a new life.


And so it is .


GALACTIC CHRIST MELCHIZEDEK, ASHTAR SHERAN AND EL MORIA, with love from the heart of the Solar Gods.




* ASHTAR SHERAN AND EL MORIA REPETEDLY EMBODIED IN THE PLANET EARTH’S FOUR-DIMENSIONAL WORLD. Their rays are also living now in our world, helping the planet and people co-create a New Life.   Ascended Masters and all the other Masters beloved by people   incarnated in our world. Therefore, their Selves are also infused into THE ONE COLLECTIVE BEING OF LIGHT OF PEOPLE OF THE PLANET EARTH.



Publication is prepared by:

Svetlana Dracheva, Sergey Kanashevskiy, Marina Shults,

members of the editorial board of the Journal "WORLD CHANNELING: divine messages ", the official publication of the Family of Light.


Translated from Russian by Laura Leshchiner, USA.