“Ascension” Project

Cosmic Fires’ Activation

Ramelius, the Supreme Priest of the Druid Order and the Druidic Fire.

Through Marina Shultz and Sergey Kanashevsky






Dear friends, today I address with the trembling in my heart not only those which are the direct participants of the “Revival Oder of Druids,” – the Attendants of the Fire, the Keepers of the Fire and the Priests of the Fire. My word is addressed to all executors of the Great “Ascension” Project; to all Light Collaborators which are actively participating in our processes of the Cosmic Fires activation; and also to all those whose hearts are opened to LIGHT | LOVE.

We have entered the Fire Age, the fiery state of the planet has endured – went through cardinal changes. The structure of the Druid Order has taking the most active part in the process of the Earth fire. It is important for the entire planetary evolution of the new cycle.

The Druid Order Centers are effective conductors of Cosmic Fires; they are organically cooperating with all Globes of our planet.

The Centers’ activation passed off relatively recently (concerning your earthly colander, 05 – 03 -2015). However, in the reality of your time they have been working for a long time with the attunement to the spherical time and the changing parameters of the space – time continuance.

Moreover, these Centers – Temples are absolutely new type of energy informational matrixes. With their assistance the new Cosmic Fires will freely come to the Earth.

The fiery power of the Centers is repeatedly increasing after the Fire of Star Oneness arrival.

Dear Friends, today we have approached that facet / border / verge behind which the volume and direction  / trend of the work we are fulfilling in the Druidic Orders is coming out of the frames of the former tasks.

Our TEMPLES – CENTERS have started their WORK OF RECEIVING ALL COSMIC FIRES. They are actively joining into the Ascension process of the Planet, assisting the dimensions to become closer and creating the new space- time continuances, corresponding the best way the tasks of the new evolutionary cycle.

Our Centers have special multidimensional magnetic structures, (about which you already know from our publications). These structures had been connected to the Magnetic Heart of the Earth, and influence the development of many parameters of the new space – time.


The construction of the Temples – Centers on the sacral levels corresponds to the planetary \crystalline grids of different nomination or purposes. It assists their synchronous work, connecting the Fiery Temples and the crystalline structures into the needed oneness – unity on the fire – crystalline level. On the whole aggregate, the Temples – Centers created by us contain, for instance, the holographic reflections of al Lemurian Crystals’ spirals, the network of the Programming Crystals, the structure  of the Crystals of the main joints of the Crystalline Grid of the Earth.

They are directly connected with all Globes of the Planet. And it means that they may or able to work with the entire planetary dimensions. Trough Globe “H” the Centers have connections with the 16-dimensional Universe.

Therefore many works with the new Universe can be carried out with the help of the Central of the Oder and their attendants – collaborators.

There are also the functions of the Priests and Keepers which are working at these Centers. And now I am speaking about the Priest of all Dimensions. All Light Workers, using in their work the Sacred Fires, anchored at our Temples, begin to feel the multidimensionality and multifunctional character of the Sacred Fires work.


As a result of everything I have told, it is important to note the following: the Fiery Centers – Temples begin the fiery saturation of the planet (on full scale) with the purpose of the Ascension process transition or moving to the new level, new evolutionary stage.

Now the revived Cosmic Fires of new quality are blazing on the altars of our Temples: The Druid Fire, the Fire of Melchisadec, the White Noble Fire of Edelweiss, and the Fire of Star Oneness – Unity. They have created an absolutely new direction in the Ascension process.

These Fires are preparing the planet’s space for Ascension of ALL forms of Life, making the Ascension process itself deeper and at the same time more simple.

They have loaded the foundations of the new matter of different dimensions, created new portals of interconnection among dimensions; they have simplified the interrelations of many life forms among themselves; they also actively assist the process of Oneness – Unification of the life of the Planet and consolidate their  Oneness.


Dear Friends, the Light Worker, the Angels of the Great Central Sun,  I am happy to tell you that since the coming (on the full scale) of the Fire of Star Oneness to the Earth which happened 07 – o5 – 2015, the conditions of the cardinal changes of the Druid Oder status and all its attendants have built up. The decision has been taken to rename the ORDER into the UNIVERSAL TEMPLE OF ASCENSION FIRES.

From now on each Temple is named as a “Temple” in accordance with the corresponding name before. We would like to remind you the names and locations of the Temples – Centers:


  1. Doorsupe, Latvia, settlement Doorsupe, near the city of Talsi.
  2. The city of Yaroslavl on the Volga, NE of Moscow, Russia.
  3. Rustam or Rustom, island Cyprus, the Mediterranean Sea.
  4. Arunachal, India, mount Arunachal.
  5. Ormandus, Russia, Baykal Lake.
  6. Orkanir, Russia, the Urals, Arkaim.
  7. Orzalis, Africa, Sphinx.
  8. Aimazinur, Finland, the city of Helsinki.
  9. The Hyperborean – 1 the Archipelago of Seven Islands (near Spitsbergen, belonging to Norway).
  10. The Hyperborean -2, 120 km from the North Pole.
  11. The Great Sithayan, China, NW from Van Syan, province Sichuan.
  12. Aikoravu, Japan, near the city of Tokyo, in the sea.
  13. Sin – Hao – Tsin, SE Chins, island Puto – Shan; the place of Kwan Yan’s  enlightenment.
  14. Sri Akay Sahiyansara, Malaysia; a settlement Bandar Sri Daman - sara, not far from Kua - la Lum - pur.
  15. Celestial Pechora, NE Russia, the source of river Pechora.
  16. Abu el Rain, Iran, 200 km to the east of Teheran.
  17. Lind – farum Iran, river L(i)enge, to the South from the city of Jehrum.
  18. El – ka – raja, Africa. Saudi Arabia, to the east of city Far – al - dga.
  19. Oli – main, Africa. Somalia, near the Cape of Guardafuy, between the Indian Ocean and the Aden Gulf.
  20. Holy Kera, the NE part of island of Kriti - Crete, the Mediterranean Sea.
  21. Tan –gan – yi –ka, central Africa, under the Lake Tanganyika.
  22. Central Satyr, Canada, under the Big  Slave Lake.
  23. North – American Satyr, USA, near the city of Oakland.
  24. Maywnce, Mexico, near the city of Torreon.
  25. S America, Peru, the northern part of the Plateau Nacka.


Our collaborators go over for service to all Cosmic Fires which activity is directed to the planet’s Ascension. We shall conduct the rituals of initiation into the status of the Priests of the Ascension Fires of all Priests of the Fire of Druids after their final fixing for the Temples. The Keepers of the Fire of Druids will become the Keepers of the Ascension Fires; the Attendants of the Druidic Fire will also become the Servants or Attendants of the Ascension Fires.


Dear Friends, Light Workers, Respected colleagues, in order the Centers of the Universal Temple of the Ascension Fires could create more effectively we should meet another type of Cosmic Fire before the end of the year. It is the FIRE OF SUN RIVIVAL.


We shall inform you about this fire (more details) later. And for now just know that the Fire of Sun Revival carries to Humankind and all planetary forms of Life the ENERGY OF REVIVAL, THEIR TRUE SOLARIUM.

And we are speaking not only about connection with the Sun of your Solar system. And not even about your connection to the Earthly Central Sun.

The Fire of Solar Revival carries energy information of the Great Central Sun which you could not get before.


It will be retuned into your sacral structures, into the planet Earth structures something that was missing for a long time – the profound sacral connection with the Great Central Sun as the 13-th special dimension of the Universe.


My dear ones, an absolutely new stage of our work is beginning. The Order of Druids has given opportunity to move significantly closer to the boundary that leads the planet out to the new phase of Ascension.

I give my profound gratitude to everybody who has helped the Druid Order to Revive into its new quality and actively assisted its development!

I am grateful for the Fire of your Hearts and deep devotion to your mission and the Sacred Fires!

But we do not part. We are walking – moving further on. We are creating New EARTH. We are building the New World for all forms of the Planetary Life. WE ARE ONENESS – UNITY. We are laying the way for the Fires of the New Age.


The Galactic Christ Melchisadek, who is inspiriting Our Galaxy, is with us. His Blessing for the Transformation has been received!


With Love from Ramelius,

The Supreme Priest of the Universal Temple of the Ascension Fires,

The Supreme Priest of the Ascension Fires.


El MORYA, the Supreme Priest of Blue Rose of Sirius Oder,

The Chairman of the Planetary Council of the Milky Way Galaxy Free Worlds Federation; Spiritual curator of the “Ascension” Project.

Through Marina Shultz and Sergey Kanashevsky.




Friends, Earthly people! Everybody for whom the ideals of Light ate dear, who is taking care for the development of our beautiful planet! Another important event of planetary scale has happened Ramelius has informed you about it.

I am authorized to inform you that after the White Noble Edelweiss Fire and the Star Oneness Fire came on the Earth, the condition have really ripened for the cardinal change of the Druid Oder status.

The decision of transition of the Oder into the status of the UNIVERSAL TEMPLES OF ASCENSION FIRES has been accepted at the Planetary Council of the Free Worlds Federation that took place under the leadership of the Planetary Christ – Melchisadek and Lord Maitreya.

Ashtar Sheran, the Chairman of the Galactic Council of the Free Worlds Federation also took part in it work.


All conditions were created for the further activity of the new structural planetary organization – the Universal Temple of the Ascension Fires. Its further functions were defined or formed about which we will gradually inform the Priests, the Keepers and the Temple Attendants.

All Temple’s Outbuildings are actively working and they are reinforced by the new profession staff for new, more voluminous functional fulfillment. You will meet the new interesting persons of the Universal Temple of the Ascension Fires.

I address those which by their eagerness / ardor, fire ability / fineness, purposefulness and devotion assisted the revival of the Druid Oder, making   possible the creation of the Universal Temple of the Ascension Fires.

I am grateful to all the Light Workers which have taken part in the process of accepting the New Cosmic Fires! By your hearts these Fires are fastened / fixed in the planet’s space and have started their work via the Universal Temple of Ascension Fires.


Dear Friends, take our congratulations on the occasion of the New Historical Planetary Events! However, it is not in our rules to rest on the laurels (bay leaves). The New Universal Temple of Ascension Fires is waiting for its Priests, Keepers and Attendants for its further development.

It is prissily you who are to become the first collaborators of this Planetary Temple of the Fires!

We are together coming out to the new turn of evolution. We are accomplishing the Ascension and creating new future of the Earth. I wish you good luck on this noble path!


With Love,

El Morya, your Friend and Brother.

07 – 08 – 2015


Translated from Russian.



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